Entrants entering into a Competition via a Free Postal Entry must become a Registered User, and then post their full name and a contact telephone number (including area code if providing a landline number) and the e-mail registered to their account, as well as the title of the Competition they wish to enter, to:

Competition Locker,

61 Fordwell Road

Fairfield, Stockton on Tees

Cleveland, TS19 7JU

The aforementioned information required must be in legible English. This information will be processed in accordance with the provisions below and the Promoter’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

Free Postal Entries must be posted and must be received by the Owner of Competition Locker before the date of the relevant Competition or the point that the Competition sells out – whichever comes first – in order to be entered into the Competition.

If a Free Postal Entry is received within 48 (forty-eight) hours of the earlier of the Draw Date of the relevant Competition or the point that the Competition sells out, then one ticket for that Free Postal Entry will be added to that Registered User’s Wallet.

Free Postal Entries are limited to one ticket entry to each Competition per Entry. If a schedule of bonus free tickets is offered for purchasing Competition Locker Tickets, then the same schedule of bonus free tickets will apply to Entrants who enter by post. The Entrant must specify which competition they wish to enter.

In the case of multiple entries received on a single mail, only one ticket will be entered into the relevant Competition. If the Entrant’s Account cannot be identified from the details provided on the Free Postal Entry, then the Competition-specific single ticket entry will not be processed.

Free Postal Entries without correct and sufficient postage paid will be invalid and will not be considered.


Personal and hand deliveries will not be accepted.